The National Aeronautics and Space Administration called NASA is a government agency of the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, director of space programs.

NASA was founded on 29 July 1958 when President Dwight d. Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act, it became the 1 October 1958.

The Headquarters is in Washington, D.C., and the motto is "Ad astra per aspera" which means in american: "To the stars through difficulties" or "A rough road leads to the stars", meaning "to the stars winning the difficulties".


There are countless successes of NASA, but the most important is the landing on the Moon in 7/20/1969 by Apollo program. It did the history of Astronautics and of Space exploration during the last century.


 List of major Space Center

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                                                                                   MAJOR NASA PROGRAMS

Space exploration, once conquered the Moon, has resumed its prerogatives to study for space exploration and so to develop space technologies. Mercury and Gemini were the first programs and fundamental for the NASA Apollo program, which succeeded in conquering the Moon. Following the construction of the first American space station Skylab and the Space Shuttle program with which they have carried out numerous missions from 1981 to present. Meanwhile were accomplished several missions by sending probes across the solar system included some comets, and put into orbit telescopes that scan the universe in various Spectra. They also are put into orbit satellites around the Earth to study it using increasingly sophisticated tracking techniques. The most important international cooperation of NASA is the current construction of the International Space Station involving all major space agencies (except Chinese). The first 50 years of activity recently concluded, perhaps are unique for all successes. But the future is waiting for NASA. For example the return of a man on the Moon, followed by the creation of a possible first lunar base and "around the corner" the conquest of Mars.

    Mercury ( 1959 – 1963 )
The capsule could accommodate only one astronaut at a time. Was checking the possibility of human space flight. The 5/5/1961 Alan Shephard became the first American suborbital flight of 15 minutes (Mercury Fredom 7). The 2/20/1962 John Glenn was the first American in orbit (Mercury Friendship 7). They found solutions to the heat shield, improvements to the rocket, resolution of microclimate and tracksuits.
Gemini (1963 – 1966)
The crews were of two people. They did the first rendezvous and docking in space and the first EVA as steps for the Apollo Project 
     Apollo ( 1961 – 1972 )
It's the Nasa's largest success and one of the most important in the history of mankind. The 7/20/1969 the Apollo 11 lands on the Moon and Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon. 5 other missions followed with landing. The module was carrying three crewmen. After Apollo 17, Apollo docking module carried out with Soyuz (1975) and the Skylab. We want to remember the incident with the deaths of three astronauts during testing for the Apollo 1.
     Skylab ( 1973 – 1979 )
First american space station that remained in orbit terrestrial from 1973 until 1979 when it disintegrated falling into the atmosphere. There were 3 missions between 1973 to 1974 with 3 crews of astronauts. several scientific experiments were carried out


The April 12, 1981 Columbia beginning and led to his first mission with a medium (Orbiter with solid boosters) reusable in subsequent missions. Only the External Tank was lost burning in atmosphere. It was a step forward towards a spacecraft. There were countless mission of putting into orbit of satellites or spacecraft for the exploration of the solar system, as well as missions to the international space station ISS. The Shuttle made docking with the Mir and the ISS.
The fleet of Space Shuttles is Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Endeavourand Atlantis. Remember the incidents with the deaths of two crews of seven members due to the disintegration of the space shuttle Columbia STS-107 the February 1, 2003, and STS-51L  Challanger the January 28, 1986. The program started in the year 70, ended in July 2011 on STS-135 mission of Atlantis.
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